Burpman is a frog-like alien with red skin. An attack that is normally faster than the user will be just as fast as both combatants are with speed equal. Right-clicking with the DB Shotgun in hand fires both barrels at once, doubling the number of pellets shot and knockback received while in the air. As far as I'm aware, Goku has to kill the Player twice in under a minute to win thanks to his Ressurection, can one shot Goku if he gets a head shot, and has damage reflection and life manip. We don't assume what's most effective.

This was the first shotgun and the third primary weapon to be added to R2DA. Yes, and I answered. Not to mention, he never gets tired. Im still gonna need Gokus profile open to add the match. How is Goku supposed to dodge gravity manip? fixed the profile to explain why Player is low 2-C (it's in attack potency).

Exactly. Depends how fast the "code guns" sre, if they're as fast as goku anyways, then I'd go for inconclusive, If we downgrade them both to player speed, player wins, yep the fast cubic weapon antivirus System Admin and network streamer they are light speed i think, Real life lore wrote:

His body moves on its own without relying on the signals transmitted to and from the brain which saves time, thus giving him a virtual speed advantage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. So could the paluer actually possibly outlast goku? But if we get on his stamina, goku can't hold out MUI forever, while the player has infinite.

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