Info; 5 See Also; Yuri Kozukata. The Lingering Scent ending sees Mio escaping from the village without Mayu, which leads to an automatic game over. When Mio and Mayu attempt to reach an escape route, the villagers' spirits take Mayu back to the Kurosawa house, where the Hellish Abyss awaits them below. They both are positioned just like the twins shown in the Twin Maiden she hears. (3.28am EST April 18, 2011), Zero Shisei no Koe Complete Official Capture Book, 1 Yuri Kozukata; 2 Ren Hojo; 3 Miu Hinasaki; 4 Misc. The player can upgrade the Camera's special functions and lenses using Spirit Orbs found throughout the game, and points earned from photographing ghosts. She

After the battle with the Kusabi, Mio runs into the Hellish Abyss area to find Mayu standing on the edge of the Abyss. The Hellish Abyss ending sees Mio rescuing Mayu from Sae, only to become permanently blinded from looking into the Hellish Abyss. coming towards the village. Two new endings are included in the game's Wii Edition. The game receives two completely new endings in addition to the ones obtained from the original and Xbox versions. Mio's health is shown as a bar in the lower right corner, although only during combat and/or in Finder mode. While the scene

A few unexplained events in the original game are now explained such as what Mayu was doing in the doll room during chapter 3, and the identities of the two Hanging twins in the Osaka House cutscene showing Miyako's death in Chapter 1. forever.".

Mio then begins to slowly asphyxiate her sister as the Veiled Priests stamp their staves in rhythm, quickening as she gets closer to death. "Mio, didn't we promise? She gets worried

Mio runs through the stone tunnels underneath the shrine. Fatal Frame V Endings. After that, the screen goes black and it's heard Mio's voice saying, "Didn't we always promise each other? For most of the game, the player controls Mio Amakura as she searches the Lost Village with (and sometimes, for) her twin sister, Mayu. In first-person mode, the player can play through the entire game from a first-person perspective. As she continues to walk forward, Mayu tells her that they must complete the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual to save the village. There's a closeup of Mio's face with Sae walking towards her reflected in her eyes. She and She reaches out to catch the butterfly, but it flies away just out of her grasp, causing Mio to fall to her knees in tears as the flock of butterflies part the dark skies and the sun rises over the village. It shows her to have a crimson butterfly mark on her neck as well. Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, known in Japan as Zero: Shinku No Chou , is a remake of Crimson Butterfly developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. As she continues to walk forward, Mayu tells her that they must complete the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual to save the village.Once Mio reaches her, Mayu lays back onto the stone slab before the Abyss and Mio places her hands around Mayu's neck.
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