So my question to you is, is the shorthorns and other breeds besides angus really the breed they say they are or are they adding what they need to make them better. She ended up being the most reliable, productive cow on the farm. This is partly due to economics—Angus cattle mature quickly and put on weight well—but also because Angus beef is … The angus cattle have some of the most sought after udders and maternal traits of all the breeds, same with carcass traits and feed conversion, I will post a list of bulls on test and we can compare the other breeds to the angus. Online Breed Registry Click Here to Login Search the Breed.

Only a suggestion. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite breed. Scotch Shorthorns were developed in Banff and the Angus Breeders in Aberdeen and Angus started crossing Shorthorn bulls on their Angus cows to increase growth and early maturity, and probably milk to make bigger calves as we still do today.

Shorthorn breeders, Red Angus breeders and progressive cattlemen throughout North America can now look to the American Shorthorn Association (ASA) for a composite breeding strategy that will capitalize on breed complementarity, heterosis and F 1 seedstock to fit a variety of management systems. There is a local Simmental sale here that has half the bulls selling are 50% Black Angus.

not a big fan of gelviehs yet. One of the more confusing elements of the Shorthorn Beef IGS EPD’s has been the change in the way that accuracies are reported. Crossbreeding - … It's pretty hard to argue that the Simmental breed is trying to look like the Angus. It’s a breed to be reckoned with.”. The Beef Shorthorn comes in a variety of colours, including white and red roan, and white. by Frankie » Fri Jun 10, 2005 9:14 am, Post

... compared to 78% in the Angus and 70% in the Hereford. Read … Copied the Table 4 -, Simme Valley of New York -, ↳   Artificial Insemination (AI) for Cattle, ↳   NCBA, R-CALF, COOL, USDA (No Politics! “The US Department of Agriculture’s Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) ranks the Beef Shorthorn as one of the best performers in the world in terms of calving ease, average daily gain, marbling and carcass quality,” says Niel Dry, who runs Niemen Beef Shorthorn Stud on 464ha near Magaliesburg in the North West. If you have additional questions about the ASA or EPDs, please contact: The ASA office 816.599.7777. Also the Limi's, Maines, Gelbvieh, and on and on. “I breed hardy, well-adapted animals that add value to any crossbreeding programme,” says Niel. The problem with Angus is that black no longer means Angus and there is suffering consistency on choice carcasses. “The breed’s exceptional temperament, easy calving and growth make it one of the best options for profitable and sustainable beef production. “As breeders, we need to provide the best genetics that contribute to the long-term sustainability and profitability of the entire industry.

by jerry27150 » Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:34 pm, Post Now no one has said anything bad about these heifers and I feel like I can have my say due to the fact that I have angus and a few shorthorns that I got the opportunity to select a few of the best I could find in a couple herd dispersals.

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