Senior Graphic Design & Customer Outreach Specialist

Jannet Nacional


Meet Jannet: Graphics & Customer Outreach Expert

Jannet is the creative force behind the graphics and customer outreach initiatives at Justice League of Credit & Tax Services. Combining her artistic flair with a keen understanding of customer needs, Jannet consistently delivers captivating visuals and meaningful interactions with our audience.

As our Graphics & Customer Outreach Specialist, Jannet is responsible for:

1. Crafting engaging marketing materials that showcase the value of our credit and tax services.
2. Designing personalized outreach strategies to foster long-lasting relationships.
3. Collaborating with the team to gather feedback and continuously improve our services.

Outside of work, Jannet enjoys exploring her passion for photography and embarking on outdoor adventures. A nature enthusiast, she can often be found hiking, camping, or capturing the world’s beauty through her lens.

Jannet’s dedication and expertise make her a vital member of the Justice League of Credit & Tax Services team. Her unwavering commitment to our clients ensures we deliver top-notch service at every step.